Our process when retouching a photo is a very specific and detailed one. Unlike most photo labs who digital manipulate too much and the end product looks "unnatural" or "retouched". WRONG! When you go to an audition your photo MUST look like you, otherwise the casting director will be confused as to why the "person in the photo" didn't come to the audition. ADL simply digitially enchances the colors and clears up all blemishes giving the subject a true natural look.  

What is "Market Ready" for Headshots and Print Work?

1) Having professional pictures taken by a great photographer who will get your BEST look/s.

2) Retouching your photo/s.

3) Formatting your photo/s.




-HEALING: Blemishes, Scars, Zits, Tatoos, Birthmarks, Stray Hairs, etc...

-BACKGROUND: Color & Lens Focusing

-APPAREL: Color, Logos, Lint, Fades, Rips & Tears Emphasis