FREE CONSULTATION: How do you want your music video to be? What do you want to accomplish with this music video? What demographic are you trying to hit? What artists or music video inspires you?  


CAMERA: We shoot using Canon 5D & 7D RLS with a variety of lenses and mounts, lights, cranes, sliders, fog machine, strobes, green screens and can also shoot underwater.

PRE-PRODUCTION: 3 weeks prior to shooting you and the team will discuss location, times, days of productions, cast, musical intruments, ideas, themes, music and overall goal for your music video production.

PRODUCTION: The director will follow the shot list that the both of you have previously discussed and will shoot accordingly to it. On set, ADL strides to be efficient with the time as well as with the cast and crew. At ADL we try to accomplish a smooth, fun yet productive atmostphere on set.

POST PRODUCTION: Editing begins after all the footage has been filmed and trasfered to our hardrive. Here we splice, cut, paste and color correct the footage to create a final look for you music video. You will have a chance to come into the studio for a first look (1st Cut), then make notes and changes for your second look (2nd Cut) and finally makes the last adjustments for a final look (Final Cut). There will be NO more changes after the 3rd and Final cut.

ARTISTS VISION. These days EVERYONE and their mother has a decent camera however only the rare few have an "Artistic Vision". To have artistic vision is to have a blank canvass yet see a beatiful paiting when others cannot. It's already in your mind, already created, already magical and the sole porpose of a TRUE artist is to bring those ideas to LIFE. At least this is what I believe.