Got an audition? Call back? Need to have yourself tape for a role and still look and sound good? Then no problem! Wether your sides range from a 1 page commercial to a 10 page feature script, ADL will gladly shoot any audition you have.


How it Works:

1 Session is 1 Hour. In this hour we will rehearse, slate, mark, frame and film.

Our Set-Up:

A professional Camera will be placed on a tripod. We will use backdrops that pop but don't distract as well as a few carefully placed softboxes. There will always be a skilled & trained actor/director to read with.


We will have you slate and then have someone with a 2nd copy of the script read with you. Don't worry about mistakes, we can do several takes (do-overs) of your audition.

Post Audition:

After your taping is complete ADL will make short and quick edits. ADL will put your the final cut in a flash drive or CD for you.

Optional Additions:

-Intros and/or End Titles
-Email Version of your Taped Audition