(Two Options)

# 1 - WE CAN FILM YOU (if you NEED footage)

Using Canon's 7D SLR Camera and other film equitpment, we will shoot up to 3 acting scenes (no longer than 2 minute each) of your choice. We will discuss shootings dates, costume, locations, hair and make up, etc...
ADL will shoot a master, mediums & close-ups of your scene however It's up to you to cast and come well rehearsed.

# 2 - WE CAN EDIT FOR YOU (if you ALREADY HAVE footage)

Our process here includes; uploading and/or coveverting your footage to our hard drive. We then equalize the color & balance of each scene. We compose, mix, and format each clip, all in High Definition. We make sure your reel has great transitions, as well as added on effects (optional) to make your reel stand out such as: title cards, underscore, intros, name and contact info at end. We take pride in our editing so you wont be dissapointed.